Green Drink Scams

Are Green Drinks real or just a green drink scam?

It might sound like a trailer of a movie, where you will eat this superfood and become a super hero shroud to improve you, make you stronger and a healthier person. But the real question is whether these drinks can really improve the health of a person or it’s just a hype spread by the companies to sell their products?

What are Superfoods

The word “Superfoods” was instituted ahead of schedule in the twentieth century. But, in the recent time, its utilization has increased drastically. Superfood can be defined as a nourishment with phenomenal medical advantages. Commonly, Superfoods are those sustenance’s high in cancer prevention agents, are a decent wellspring of solid fats and filaments and give other medical advantages, for example, probiotics support or phytonutrient activity.

It is imperative to take note of the term Superfoods is not an authority logical or healthful term. Maybe, it is a promoting trendy expression used to energize shoppers into eating so as to trust their wellbeing will be changed just sustenance’s assigned with the Superfoods name.

Some of the common Superfoods contain:

  • Fascinating sounding products of the soil, for example, noni, goji and acai, which are all high in cell reinforcements and key unsaturated fats
  • Brilliant purple berries, for example, blackberries and blueberries, which are an incredible wellspring of phytochemicals and cell reinforcements
  • Youthful green grasses, for example, grain and wheatgrass, which are high in vitamins and photochemical
  • green growth, for example, chlorella and spirulina, which are high in cancer prevention agents, B vitamins and vegetable protein

Green drink or Superfood powders

Superfood powders can be bought from health, nourishment stores and on the Internet. There are at present a major promoting push to offer these nourishing items. Regularly, superfood powders are berry mixes, açaí powders, or green powders that contain a blend of youthful grasses and green growth. The powders are frequently very costly, and promoting claims, guarantee astonishing wellbeing results, for example, expanded energy, vast vitality, enhanced safety, quick and simple weight reduction and various other fabulous wellbeing claims. Sounds incredible, isn’t that right?

How to identify which one will really work?

Almost 33% of powder supplements advertised as “greens” or “entire nourishments” don’t stand on what they claim to be and they might even be tainted with arsenic, lead or other unsafe microscopic organisms.

In today’s time, these products are estimated to have a business of around $ 1 billion and its growing day by day. Produced using fixings like hay, grain, wheat, and green growth, and additionally organic products, herbs, vegetables, and probiotics, these products might give a sound support of vitamins and supplements. In order to check how legit all these products are, tests were conducted on more than sixteen top products, amongst which five didn’t pass the test. Those five includes The Ultimate Meal, Inner Light Super Greens, and All-Day Energy Greens.

These and the other two products have high levels of arsenic in them which are responsible for causing cancer. They exceed the safety limit set by the Environmental Protection Agency and can’t be recommended to use. Therefore, it’s important to check about the product in detail before you even think of using it in your daily routine.

In case you’re occupied with these supplements and looking for some Lab-affirmed choices, you could decide on a powder like Green Max Powder from Swanson or Juice Plus+ Garden Blend cases. Study after study has shown genuine products of the soil is more advantageous than supplements. Yet, these powder and case items might offer some medical advantages in the event that you have issues gulping 4 measures of products of the soil a day, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests.

Identify the Scam

While clients who buy superfood powders from wellbeing sustenance stores might be becoming tied up with advertising buildup that exaggerates the potential advantages of the costly powders without companion inspected exploratory confirmation, it is improbable they will be defrauded as an after-effect of the purchase. On the off chance that anything, buys of superfood powders in wellbeing sustenance stores simply brings about over promising and under conveying. The genuine superfood powder trick becomes an integral factor when superfood powders are bought on the web.

How to protect yourself from any sort of scam?

Admonished is forearmed, and it is conceivable to shield yourself from the tricks encompassing superfood powders. Here are a few tips to stay safe:

  • Be uncertain of awesome promises. While you might understand some medical advantages from Superfoods, they aren’t going to make you drop 200 pounds and all of a sudden figure out how to fly. Understand that the vast majority of the superfood cases are unconfirmed by exploratory confirmation and studies. While they most likely won’t hurt your wellbeing, it is impossible your life and wellbeing will be supernaturally changed as an after-effect of taking superfood powders.
  • On the off chance that you do choose to purchase superfoods, you are in an ideal situation purchasing them from your neighborhood wellbeing sustenance store where you aren’t required to give them a charge card number.
  • Avoid “free trials” on the Internet, particularly in the event that they require a MasterCard before they will dispatch the item to you.
  • On the off chance that you have requested a free superfood trial, screen your financial records nearly.
  • In the event that you are going to arrange on the Internet, go to customer audit locales like Eopinions or Complaints Board, to see what others’ encounters are with that organization; notwithstanding, know numerous organizations seed buyer survey release sheets with fake audits.


Superfoods aren’t as a matter of course an awful thing. You might, surely, encounter medical advantages from fusing these solid nourishments into your eating routine; be that as it may, they are not the panacea they claim to be. While your wellbeing might enhance, it is likely your budgetary circumstance won’t. Superfood powders are costly, and it isn’t important to take superfoods on costly powder structure. Rather, you can eat an assortment of regular sustenance’s including brilliantly shaded leafy foods, solid nuts and probiotics matured dairy items, for example, yogurt. Along these lines, you can fuse superfoods into your eating routine while never purchasing a costly powder which might possibly enhance your wellbeing.s