Best Selling Superfood Shakers

The Worlds Best Selling Superfood Shakers

If you’re looking for the best selling superfood shaker, you’re looking for the BlenderBottle Classic.

The BlenderBottle Classic is not only the solution you’re looking for to mix your powders as it’s the right choice for carrying them around all the time with you.

* Mixing Even the Thickest Ingredients

The BlenderBottle Classic comes with the BlenderBall wire whisk that allows you to mix even the thickest ingredients as you shake. It’s extremely powerful and will make your drinks even more tasteful and smooth. One of the greatest advantages of this bottle is that since it has a wide opening, it becomes a lot easier to add ingredients to your shakes.

* Carry It Everywhere Easily

But you also want to carry your BlenderBottle everywhere: to work, to the gym, or to the park. And with this bottle, it couldn’t be easier. With its StayOpen flip can and adjustable carry loop, you can hold more things on your hands and even connect the bottle to your backpack or any other object for easy transportation. You can also take it to the gym and attach your keys to it.

* It Won’t Spill

One of the problems with most shaker bottles is that they usually don’t seal well. But with the BlenderBottle Classic, you won’t have to worry about that. With its iconic design, it has a leak-proof seal, which is ideal for carrying it everywhere. You can leave it laying down on the car seat or even on the grass because it won’t spill.

* Easy to Use, Safe & High-Quality

When you choose the BlenderBottle Classic you’re opting for quality, safety, and usage easiness. The bottle is durable and resistant, is BPA and Phthalate free (just like baby’s bottles) and it’s very easy to clean. It can even go in the dishwasher.

BlenderBottle Classic has a wide variety of colors you can choose from as well as you can pick the best size for you. You can get the 20 or 28-ounce bottles, that will fit in your cup holder, or you can get the bigger one – the 32-ounce bottle. It really depends on your needs and goals.

The BlenderBottle Classic is just the perfect solution for carrying your shakes and smoothies everywhere. While with other mixers you can have some problems (some won’t mix some thickest ingredients, and others don’t have a good seal), with BlenderBottle Classic you have the perfect combination between a mixer and a bottle you can carry all day around with you, without getting in your way. If you’re serious about starting getting superfoods, this is the ideal solution for you.

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